CannaConsumer magazine features Miner & Co. Studio's market research of upscale cannabis consumers

From CannaConsumer, Premier Issue

CannaConsumer magazine launched in April 2017. We had spoken previously with Founder and Publisher D.A. Wallace about other stories and were thrilled when he introduced TNTpr and our client, Miner & Co. Studio, to Editor-In-Chief Heather Schafer.

According to a study by Miner & Co. Studio, of 800 Cannabis Consumers surveyed (all of whom purchase the rapidly growing category of ‘branded’ cannabis products), today's cannabis consumer looks decidedly different than the traditional ‘stoner’ stereotype.

Ms. Schafer was impressed by the high quality market research and visually appealing infographics about the new cannabis consumer and the importance of good branding and packaging in the emerging cannabis consumer marketplace.

We are thrilled CannaConsumer saw the value in Miner & Co. Studio's pioneering market research. And we're honored by our client being included in the publications inaugural issue.